There's one season that beats all others for Canadians travelling

Let it snow, because the winter season is the season to travel. Trips taken by Canadians are more likely to begin during the winter months, December, January and February.

Based on all the travel insurance quotes travellers obtained online through in 2010:

  • 22.2% of all trips begin during the spring months,
  • 21.4% in the summer,
  • 26.1% in the fall, and
  • 30.3% in the winter.

It's always the season to travel

Even though fall and winter are the most popular seasons to travel, spring and summer are not far behind. It seems the time is always right to travel. The time is always right, as well, to buy travel insurance before you take your leave.

Emergency medical travel insurance is a must-have for all travelling Canadians. The smallest of accidents and the most common illnesses can be costly, and your health plan may not cover any medical expenses while abroad.

Travel insurance tips

Travel insurance could save you plenty of money should you need to use it. But, did you know there are ways you can get the coverage you need while spending less for it? Consider the following tips:

Travelling with family?

Buy one policy that covers everyone, rather than one policy per person. Family rates are often available and are usually cheaper.

Travel often?

Look into annual, multi-trip policies which offer emergency medical travel insurance coverage for every trip you take within the year after the policy is issued for one annual rate. This is a money-saver if you take just a few trips each year.

Also, don't forget to comparison shop your travel insurance. Although it is convenient to purchase your travel insurance at the time you're booking your travel plans, you can just as easily find similar coverage at a better rate by shopping around online at quote comparison websites like

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