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  • Why You Should Buy Experiences Instead of Things
    Learn how buying experiences instead of things helps you connect with others, stay happy longer, and build memories to last a lifetime.
  • Real People, Real Claims: Real-Life Reasons Why Visitors to Canada Need Travel Insurance
    'Tis the season to welcome friends and family for some holiday cheer. And if your guests are coming from outside of Canada, give them the present of sage advice: suggest they get Visitors to Canada health insurance before they arrive for the season's festivities.
  • Visiting Family this Holiday Season? Here's Why You Need Travel Insurance
    The holidays are here and if you're planning to visit your family or friends over the holidays, you need not add extra worries to your trip. Getting gifts together, making your connections on time, and keeping everyone healthy and on a relatively even keel is challenging enough.
  • 6,137 Reasons Why Visitors to Canada Need Travel Insurance
    The busy holiday tourism is almost upon us. If you are expecting visitors this year, whether for a few days, a week or a month, be a good host and suggest that your guests get Visitors to Canada health insurance.
  • 8 Ways to Prevent Sickness on Vacation
    Nothing ruins a good time like getting sick on vacation, and as the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Eight easy tips to ensure a healthy holiday.
  • Ready for Something New? Popular Snowbird Destinations Outside of the U.S.
    Snowbirds traditionally pick Florida or Arizona as their go-to destination when seeking to escape winter's wrath. But if you're tired of the same old same old, we've got 12 alternatives worth a look.
  • Why Skipping a Leg of Your Flight May End With Your Entire Trip Being Cancelled
    People have saved money by skipping connections in the past, but airlines are starting to catch on to the trick.
  • What Drug Shortages Mean for Canadian Snowbirds
    For Canadian snowbirds preparing for travel this winter, drug shortages might affect their travel insurance. Here's what you need to know.
  • When Travel Insurance Isn't Just an Option: Countries that Require Tourists Have Coverage
    A growing list of holiday destinations are requiring visitors to have health insurance before they enter the country. Here's how to find out if your next vacation spot is on the list.
  • The Essential Guide for Snowbirds
    Whether you're planning a month away or maybe more, it's time to get ready for your adventures as you follow the sun south.
  • How to Rent a Car and Add Family or Friends as Drivers - Tips
    Want to rent a car or truck for a road trip or move? If you're adding drivers to your rental car contract, here are a few tips.
  • The Top 10 Countries Canadians Visit Most
    Canadians are some of the most well-travelled people in the world. It's a big world out there and based on the destinations favoured by Canadian travellers in 2019 so far, we're all over the map...literally.
  • Should You Be Concerned About Rabies, West Nile and Lyme Disease in Canada and Abroad?
    With recent reports of rabies in bats, West Nile from mosquitoes and Lime disease from ticks, here are a few precautions to take at home and abroad.
  • The Crazy Costs of a Broken Arm While Travelling
    It can happen to anyone. A simple tumble while walking on the beach, a missed step on a set of stairs, or a spill off your bicycle. It doesn't take much to land poorly and break your arm and, if it happens while you're on holiday, it could be costly. You might not think something as common as a broken arm would be financially devastating, but it is.
  • Infographic: Great Canadian Road Trip Tips and Road Trip Essentials
    A road trip is the quintessential summertime vacation. To get the most of your Canadian road trip here are 15 tips and essentials, along with a few destinations worth exploring.
  • Going on Vacation? 10 Ways to Protect Your Home
    There's nothing better than going on vacation and if you're planning to squeeze in some time away before summer's end, it's important to take the necessary steps to protect your home while you're on holiday.
  • Can You Claim It?
    Sometimes "it" hits the fan. When things go wrong, really wrong, that's where your insurance coverage can help, but sometimes you might wonder if submitting a claim is in your best interest or if you're even covered.
  • Ontario to Scrap Out-of-Country OHIP Coverage
    Travellers are generally encouraged to buy travel insurance before going on holiday, but those who don't because of the emergency coverage available to them through OHIP will soon find they're without any sort of travel coverage come the fall.
  • Top Holiday Destinations for Couples
    One of the perks of being in a relationship is you have a built-in travel companion. A person who you want to come with you when you're looking to take a holiday from your regular routine. See which popular destinations top the list for Canadian couples with wanderlust.
  • Top Destinations for Travellers Who Fly Solo
    Every now and again you just need some "me, myself, and I" time and for many people this means packing your bags and going on vacation blissfully alone. See which popular destinations top the list with solo travellers.
  • Ring in Spring: Travel Tips for March Break
    Every year, thousands of Canadians weary of winter set their sights on the upcoming March Break holiday. Last year, Toronto's Pearson Airport estimated they'd see 130,000 travellers on the Friday prior to March Break; well over what they see on a typical day. You can expect all airports across the country to be busier than normal. Are you ready for the crowds? How about going through security clearance?
  • How Much is Your Vacation Worth to You?
    Vacations can be expensive. From flights to hotels, rental cars and excursions, it's easy to spend thousands of dollars on a getaway. Yet, many travellers do not get trip cancellation insurance to protect their investment, according to a recent survey.
  • Travel Tips to Travel More
    New Year's resolutions are usually blah and not terribly imaginative. Save money. Lose weight. Eat better. Hit the gym. Be nicer to people (*sigh*). All are noble endeavours to be sure, but if this year you resolved to add travel to your repertoire, the list of travel tips will help you get where you want to go faster and enjoy it more while you're there.
  • 10 Destinations Worth Considering for a Mid-Winter Getaway
    Are you in search of the sun and a unique winter getaway? From the tried and true to the exotic, we've listed 10 popular warm weather destinations that will help you shake off winter's chill.
  • Are You Up to the Challenge? It's Trivia Time!
    Who doesn't like a little trivia? Given there's a day dedicated to it each year, January 4, there are obviously trivia enthusiasts everywhere, including here at We're also keen on all things insurance and we've pulled together 10 questions that we're confident will answer the question: Are you up to the challenge?
  • 10 Holiday Travel Tips
    Canadians love to travel over the holidays and if you're travelling to visit (or escape!) friends and family this year, then you'll want to consider the following travel tips first.
  • This Year's Black Friday Cross-Border Shopping Must-Have Purchase
    Are holiday sales across the border calling out to you, despite the lagging loonie? If a cross-border shopping trip over this year's Black Friday weekend is in the plans there's one item you absolutely must buy before you take on the crowds: travel insurance. Here's why.
  • Weeding out What's Fact and What's Fiction About Travelling with Cannabis
    With the recreational use of cannabis in Canada now permitted, are you allowed to take your legally purchased pot with you when you travel? The answer depends entirely on where your travels are taking you.
  • A Cornucopia of Tips to Help You Save Money
    From the credit card in your wallet to the travel insurance you'll need on your next trip to the home and auto insurance policies you have, you can harvest the savings this Thanksgiving season at
  • Travelling Pet Peeves Exposed
    There is nothing more exciting than taking a well-deserved trip, but sometimes the journey of getting to your destination can be trying. From barefoot passengers to close talkers, a recent study on airplane and hotel travel etiquette exposes the poor traveller behaviours that get under the skin of jet setting Canadians.
  • Falling Ill While Visiting Canada: Why Tourists Need Travel Insurance
    As we head into the busy tourism season, Canadians everywhere are getting ready to open their doors to friends and family. If you are expecting to welcome visitors from out-of-country this year, encourage them to consider getting Visitors to Canada health insurance before they depart.
  • The Ultimate Myth Busters: Travel Insurance Edition
    Is travel insurance just for trips abroad? Are you covered under your credit card's policy for the full duration of your trip? The truth behind common myths about travelling and travel medical insurance.
  • Most Popular Hot Spots for Snowbirds
    Now that we are smack dab in the middle of winter, if you are retired (or of retirement age) and like to travel, you may be setting your sights on where you can go to escape the snow, slush and cold. According to a recent survey, these warm weather destinations are tops with Canadian snowbirds.
  • Top 15 Countries Visiting Canada
    It will likely come as no surprise, that of all the people coming to visit Canada, residents of the United States are the most represented; but, what other countries may have Canada on their radar as a vacation destination this winter?
  • In Search of the Cheapest Flights
    Everyone needs a vacation to look forward to, and now that summer is basically over and everyone is getting back into the grind, it's time to start thinking about your next holiday...and making sure you're not overpaying for your flight to get there.
  • Tips to Travel Cheap and Travel Smart
    Travel smart and travel cheap; with these travel tips, you can spend less time watching your wallet and more time taking in the sites.
  • Cyber Safety Tips For Travellers
    If you're thinking of travelling or have something already booked, it's important you remember to travel cyber safe because it's not as hard as you may think for strangers to gain access to your devices and compromise your personal information. Learn how to travel cyber safe.
  • How to Travel With A Cat
    So you're going on a trip and you've decided to bring your cat along with you. Most cats don't like to travel, but if you do need to bring your feline friend with you-or if you are moving-these tricks will help make the journey easier on both you and your cat.
  • How to Travel With A Dog
    Dogs are part of the family, which is why many people choose to take their beloved pets on trips and vacations with them. But travelling with pets can come with its challenges. This article will guide you in what you should do before travelling with a dog.
  • Stress-Free Holidays? Preparing For Your Family Road Trip
    A road trip may be a great family holiday, but it comes with a unique set of challenges. Tackle the challenges before you leave to stay safe on the road and maybe even save some bucks in the long run.
  • How To Ground The Soaring Costs Of Snowbird Travel Insurance
    Snowbirds heading south this winter will likely feel a chill when it comes time to pay for their snowbird travel insurance coverage as rates have risen this year. See why rates have gone up and how you can spend less on the coverage you need.

  • Where in the world are you travelling?
    Chances are if you are buying travel insurance it's because you are planning a visit to our neighbour to the south, the United States. In 2011, ...

  • Stress-Free Holidays? Preparing For Your Family Road Trip
    Majestic mountains in the West, beautiful shorelines and delicious seafood in the East, stunning lakes and cities in between; Canada is a country full of diverse landscapes. What better way to fully appreciate that diversity than to take a road trip.

  • 10 Holiday Travel Tips
    Canadians love to travel over the holidays and if you're travelling to visit friends and family this year, then you'll want to consider the following travel tips first.

  • This Year's Black Friday Cross-Border Shopping Must-Have Purchase
    Are holiday sales across the border calling out to you, despite the lagging loonie? If a cross-border shopping trip over this year's Black Friday weekend is in the plans there's one item you absolutely must buy before you take on the crowds: travel insurance. Here's why.

  • 15 Canadian Snowbird Travel Tips
    If you plan to escape winter's wrath by heading south for a month or two, or maybe even more, there are many things you'll want to consider doing now before it's too late. Read our list of 15 tips for Canadian snowbirds; from border wait times, travel insurance, to car and home insurance needs, this handy top 15 snowbird travel tips will help you prepare for your getaway.

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