If you travel outside the country for business or pleasure, buying travel medical insurance is a smart idea. You never know when you're going to get sick, or require emergency medical care. Without proper travel insurance, you could subject yourself and your family to potential risk -- and huge financial losses.

Travel insurance helps protect you and your family from unexpected costs due to medical emergencies when you are out of the country travelling. Why risk it when travel insurance costs so little and can save you so much? Not to mention the peace of mind it gives you knowing you're covered.

Sure, your provincial medical plan pretty much has you covered in Canada, but once you leave domestic turf, unexpected medical bills add up fast. For instance, a few days in a foreign hospital could cost you thousands of dollars. Without a travel health insurance plan, you could end up paying for unforeseen medical costs for years. Heading out of the country without adequate travel insurance is just not worth the risk.

Since 1999, KANETIX has been helping consumers shop for their insurance needs. We help you compare quotes from competing companies so you get the travel insurance coverage you need at a rate you can afford. Travel insurance is no different. Travel medical insurance quotes through KANETIX are provided by some of Canada's top travel insurance companies.

Through KANETIX, not only can you compare free travel insurance quotes for Canadians, but you can also compare policies that are designed specifically for Super Visa Canadainternational students travel insurance for students planning to study in Canada and visitors to Canada travel insurance. In addition, we can also help you find snowbird travel insurance, trip cancellation insurance, cheap travel insurance, travel insurance for seniors, or trip insurance.

What's in it for me?
Let's say you break a leg while swishing down those snow-covered slopes. Or, maybe you come down with a nasty case of food poisoning on that exotic island. You could flash your provincial medical card and cross your fingers that local medical authorities will give you a break. Truth is, that's probably not the case.

Health services outside Canada are known to charge higher fees than what your provincial plan covers. Typically, you'll be expected to pay the difference -- often up front. Who needs the headaches of expensive medical bills, especially if you're sick or injured?

That's why it makes such good sense to prepare for the unexpected by purchasing travel health insurance. Most travel health insurance packages cover emergency medical treatment plus emergency ground and air ambulance costs, hospital accommodation and medication, doctors' fees and many emergency-related travel expenses. So you can rest assured that you'll get the proper care and attention that you deserve, when and where you need it.

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