Traffic Tickets, Fender-Benders And Your Car Insurance Ever wonder what a traffic ticket or fender-bender might do to your car insurance rate?

We ran some car insurance quotes here at to get a feel for how a ticket (or two), a not at-fault accident, and an at-fault collision would impact an otherwise clean driving record for a 35-year-old driver of a 2014 Honda Civic in Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal.

Tickets, accidents and your car insurance: The trends

What's interesting, is that despite the common belief that a not at-fault will cost you, online quotes suggest this is a car insurance myth. A not at-fault collision did not increase the auto insurance premiums quoted.

City Clean driving record 1 minor ticket 2 tickets 1 not at-fault accident 1 at-fault accident
Calgary $1120 $1120 $1371 $1120 $1578
Toronto $1525 $1685 $1861 $1525 $1966
Montreal $574 $574 $718 $574 $664

What's it all mean to your car insurance?

Your driving record matters. Your driving record is one of the most influential factors in determining your insurance rate. Sure, there are others like where you live, your insurance history, and the type of car you drive but your driving record and history is indicative of how you are when behind the wheel. Every at-fault (or partially at-fault) accident or traffic ticket conviction will likely increase the cost of your premiums.

Did you know that traffic ticket convictions affect your insurance rates for no less than three years and accidents stay on your record for at least six! With a less than perfect driving record, you can find yourself paying a lot of extra premium over the years.

Whatever your driving record, compare quotes each year to ensure you are getting the best car insurance rates going. Each insurance company calculates their rates differently and if your driving record changes, for any reason, the insurer who last offered you the best insurance rate, may no longer be your best choice.

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