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  • When Is the Right Time to Upgrade Your Car?
    It may be hard to say goodbye to your beloved vehicle, but sometimes it's time to upgrade. When is the best time to trade-up or sell and how do you get a deal at the dealership?
  • Listed! Canada's 10 Most Stolen Vehicles
    This year's list of the most stolen cars in Canada is out. The list, published annually by the IBC, reveals the most stolen cars in Canada. Is your car (or truck) a favourite target of thieves?
  • What Exactly Is the Deal with Demerit Points?
    There are three things that suck about traffic tickets: the fine, the affect the ticket it has on your auto insurance rate, and the demerit points tacked on to your driving record. The latter is often misunderstood, especially as to how it affects your auto insurance rates.
  • Safety Tips for You and Your Car in the Parking Garage
    Here are a few simple ways to stay safe in an underground parking garage.
  • Are You Smarter than a 16-Year-Old Ready to Take the Ontario G1 Knowledge Test?
    How long ago was it when you last took the knowledge test to get your Ontario G1 licence? Test your driver know-how with this unofficial quiz on today's rules of the road.
  • Does the Vehicle You Drive Affect How You Drive?
    Are drivers of certain vehicles more likely to have a ticket? A collision? It appears so.
  • Your Auto-renewal May Be Costing You Money
    Setting and forgetting your insurance policy may be costing you more than it should.
  • 5 Tips for Living with a Bad Driver
    Living with a bad driver shouldn't ruin your relationship with your auto insurance company. Here is how to keep your rate low.
  • Auto Insurance Premiums Set to Rise for Many Alberta Drivers
    Auto insurance premiums are expected to rise in Alberta come 2020.
  • Tips to Avoid Winter Accidents
    It's that time a year again, winter is coming, like it or not. Are you ready for it?
  • What Happens If My Car Floods in Underground Parking?
    Park in an underground garage? Find out what happens if that garage gets flooded and causes damage to your car.
  • The Top 10 Best-Selling Luxury Vehicles
    If you are in the market for a high-end vehicle, you may want to know what the hottest commodity is. We count down the top 10 most popular luxury cars as compiled by J.D. Power, and the most popular car may surprise you.
  • Are Winter Tires Worth It?
    There are two types of drivers in Canada: those who install winter tires when the temperatures drop for the season and those who don't. Which side of the debate do you land on?
  • Sometimes Even Good Drivers Get into an Accident
    To err is human but when it happens while driving it often ends in a collision. And from an auto insurance perspective, an at fault collision can be a costly mistake.
  • The Insurance Game of Life
    Life's milestones can affect your home and auto insurance. Find out how you can save along the way.
  • Sedan vs Truck: Which One Should I Take to Work?
    If you have two vehicles sitting in your driveway, it may be hard to decide which one to drive to work, but leaving this vehicle at home can help save you money during your commute.
  • Tips for Winter Driving
    With flurries in the forecast, it's time to take the prospect of winter driving seriously. Winter can be one of the most difficult and unpredictable driving seasons, but if you stay alert, slow down, and stay in control, you'll be sure to get where you need to go, safely.
  • Car Accidents Are Simply...Awful
    Collision. Crash. Accident. Fender Bender. Whatever you call it, here's what to do if you've ever been in a collision.
  • Fall Back: End of Daylight Saving Time, Home and Auto Safety Checklist
    The weekend most Canadians fall back one hour is also the ideal time to tackle seasonal safety projects. A lot of the routine maintenance on your home and car should be done twice a year, so what better time to start checking items off your "to-do" list?
  • Get Your Car Ready for the Winter
    You know it's coming, the snow, slush and cold weather. Canadian winters demand you take extra caution on the road and with your car. Don't get caught unprepared with these tips to get you and your car ready for what lies ahead.
  • 5 Ways to Afford Your Second Vehicle
    If your second vehicle is bulging the budget, it may be time to search for savings. Here are five tips for affording your second vehicle.
  • How Will an Insurance Claim Affect Your Auto Insurance Rate?
    Everyone knows your driving record and insurance history factor heavily into the Ontario auto insurance premium you pay. But what happens to your premiums if you have to submit an insurance claim?
  • Ontario Car Insurance Rates Are Increasing (Again)
    According to the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA), car insurance rates for many Ontario drivers will be going up at renewal. See how much your rates could be going up the next time you get your renewal documents.
  • Will Tinted Windows Affect Your Auto Insurance Rate?
    Provincial and federal laws determine how much window tint you can apply to your vehicle. Failing to comply with these rules can result in fines and higher car insurance premiums.
  • Here are 11 Reasons Why It Sucks to Share a Car
    Sharing a car is great if you want to save money. However, a few drawbacks include the increased accident risk, your radio's never right, and what's that smell?
  • My, How Times Have Changed. Kanetix Turns 20!
    For the last 20 years, Canadians have turned to for cheaper insurance. Let's celebrate with a walk down memory lane. Get ready for a delicious slice of nostalgia as we take you all the way back to 1999.
  • What's the Federal Election Got to do with Your Home and Auto Insurance?
    Climate change and severe weather cause considerable damages in Canada each year. Learn more about what the parties say they'll do to tackle the issue.
  • Should You Sell Your Second Car?
    Is it time to sell your second car? Having one car is expensive enough, but if you've got two sitting in your driveway you might be thinking it's time to sell.
  • I Want to Spend More on Auto Insurance, Said No One Ever
    The road to lower car insurance rates for many drivers starts and stops when it's time to renew. There are many times outside of this narrow lane, however, when you can cruise into some sweet savings. It's true! Learn how.
  • Auto Insurance Set to Spike in New Brunswick
    New Brunswick auto insurance rates could increase, says the province's consumer advocate for insurance. Some drivers could see double-digit increases at renewal.
  • CAA Urges Ontario Government to Regulate Towing Industry
    CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) is asking the province for help; they'd like the Ontario government to make regulating the towing industry a priority.
  • Gas Prices Driving You to Walk? Fuel Savings Tips
    Gas prices have increased, Canada-wide, and who knows when they'll come back down. Pinched at the pump, Canadians more than ever, are looking for ways to save on two of their least favourite car costs: gas and car insurance.
  • Can Bad Credit Affect Your Auto Insurance Rate?
    If you're shopping for a new auto insurance policy, you might wonder if the insurance company will check your credit. Or, you may question if a bad credit score will affect the insurance premiums you have to pay each month. Here's what you need to know.
  • In the Wake of Hurricane Dorian: Tips for Starting the Claims Process
    Now that Hurricane Dorian has passed by Atlantic Canada, homeowners and drivers in the region will soon be turning to their insurance for help in repairing the damages it caused. Tips on starting the insurance claims process.
  • 100% of Drivers Agree They'd Like to Pay Less for Auto Insurance
    We can all agree it would be nice to spend less money on auto insurance. But how exactly can you go about lowering your car insurance premiums? We've got this one for you. Because when virtually everyone wants to spend less, there has to be a way to maximize your savings, right? Right!
  • Ontario Drivers Can Now Show Proof of Auto Insurance Electronically
    Gone are the days in Ontario when the only acceptable form of proof of auto insurance was to show your paper "pink slip". Effective immediately, the province of Ontario has announced that carrying electronic proof of insurance is acceptable too.
  • Do Distracted Driving Laws Make a Difference in Driving Habits?
    Stiffer distracted driving penalties in Ontario may be leading to a reduction in distracted driving behaviours.
  • This is the Most Dangerous Thing You Can Do Behind the Wheel...According to Research
    Research has found speeding is the most dangerous form of aggressive driving. Here are some tips on how to control your speed when behind the wheel.
  • Car Rental Price Secrets You Wish You Knew About Sooner
    Ways to save when renting a car plus tips and tricks to make your car rental experience the best it can be.
  • 12 Long Weekend Driving Tips
    As we prepare to close the book on another summer, scores of Canadians will be looking to write one last chapter and will be taking to the road to make the most out of the last long weekend of the season. Twelve long weekend driving tips to help you get to where you want to go safely, and free of tickets and collisions.
  • Should I Choose a High or Low Auto Insurance Deductible?
    Should you raise your auto insurance deductible? Here are the pros and cons and other ways to lower insurance payments.
  • High Auto Insurance Rates Got You Down? At Least You Don't Live in British Columbia!
    Auto insurance rates in Canada vary wildly depending on which province you live in. Ready to see how your province stacks up?
  • Alberta Approves Electronic Proof of Insurance
    The provincial government in Alberta moves quickly to authorize use of digital proof of insurance documents after lobbying from the Insurance Bureau of Canada.
  • Survey Finds Insurance Concerns Keep Canadians up at Night: Here's How to Sleep Better
    A recent survey found that about 48 percent of Canadians are losing sleep over thoughts about their home insurance. Another 49 percent polled report losing sleep over auto insurance. But why?
  • Concerned About Self-Driving Cars, You're Not Alone
    If you have concerns about self-driving vehicles, you're not the only one. A Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) poll found that about 83 percent of drivers admit they don't know much about these new technologies.
  • Are Paper Pink Slips Outdated?
    IBC Survey finds 74 percent of Ontario drivers want electronic proof of car insurance.
  • Say What? Ontario's Worst City for Driving Isn't Toronto!
    Nobody is surprised that tickets and at-fault collisions affect your auto insurance rate, but you might be surprised to learn where these two driving no-nos are most common in Ontario.
  • Infographic: Great Canadian Road Trip Tips and Road Trip Essentials
    A road trip is the quintessential summertime vacation. To get the most of your Canadian road trip here are 15 tips and essentials, along with a few destinations worth exploring.
  • Top 15 Tips to Cheaper Auto Insurance
    The more you know about how insurance works, the more you'll be able to shave off your premiums. Follow these simple tips and you'll know how to unlock the ways to maximize your car insurance savings.
  • Major Conviction, Minor Conviction...What's the Difference?
    A part of what goes into determining your auto insurance rate is your driving record, including any tickets you may have received. There are a variety of different types of tickets and some have more influence on your premiums than others.
  • Save Five to 10 Percent on Your Car Insurance Right Away
    Auto insurance is one of those costs of owning a car that everyone wants to save money on, spending less on fuel is another. Yet, while there's often little you can do about the price of fuel, the price of auto insurance can often be mitigated by shopping around. Another way to lower your premium, however, is by raising the deductibles you've chosen which could save you in the neighbourhood of five to 10 percent off your auto insurance premiums.
  • Can You Claim It?
    Sometimes "it" hits the fan. When things go wrong, really wrong, that's where your insurance coverage can help, but sometimes you might wonder if submitting a claim is in your best interest or if you're even covered.
  • Spring Is in the Air and Your Car Needs Some Care
    Now that winter has finally released its grip, it's time to make sure your vehicle is ready for the road ahead with the following spring car cleaning and maintenance tips.
  • Ontario Car Insurance: Everything You Need to Know about Changes in the Provincial Budget
    The recently tabled Ontario provincial budget sees big changes across the board for drivers in Canada's most populous province. Learn about the changes and how they may affect you.
  • How to Test Drive a Car
    Taking a car out for a test drive is an integral part of the car buying process. Yet, it's been estimated that about 16 percent of car buyers skip the test drive, and 33 percent test drive just one vehicle.
  • Seasons Change and So Does Your Car Insurance
    A change in season is the ideal reminder to take a few quick minutes to see if you're still getting the best car insurance rate out there, and now that spring has officially sprung it's time to see if you could spring into some savings on what you pay for coverage.
  • 18 Myths About Car Insurance
    There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about auto insurance in Canada that often lead Canada's 26 million licensed drivers down the wrong road. Let's right these wrongs today so that the route ahead is clear.
  • Quiz: When a Storm Hits, Are You Covered?
    When the weather is wild and causes damage, are you covered? Take the quiz to find out how weatherproof your coverage is, or can be, with the right policy.
  • How Long Does It Take You to Get to Work Each Day?
    An hour is a long time to commute into work, but for nearly 10 percent of Canadians it's a daily reality and that's not including the trip home at the end of the day.
  • Does Car Colour Affect Your Auto Insurance Rate?
    When you bought your car, did the colour of it matter to you? Did you pick the colour because you believed it would affect how much you pay for auto insurance? Learn how car colour affects your auto insurance premium, if at all.
  • Ways to Save on Your Auto Insurance with Discounts
    Everyone loves a good discount! It's a great way to lower what you pay for your auto insurance coverage. But are you getting all the auto insurance discounts available?
  • The Highs and Lows of Toronto Car Insurance Rates
    If you live in the north end of the city, whether it's the east end or west end, chances are you're paying more for your insurance then those living in the city's centre and midtown. Rates vary greatly across Toronto depending on where you live. Find out how your area compares.
  • The 10 Most Expensive Cities for Ontario Auto Insurance
    We round up the top 10 most expensive cities for car insurance in Ontario based on estimates from Kanetix's InsuraMap. Most are found in the GTA, but the priciest city might not be where you think. If you're wondering about the cheapest, we've got that too.
  • Sick of Winter? Kick the Blahs to the Curb
    Winter can be tough, but now that spring is less than a month a way, there's no better time to list the good things to come, including how you can save money today.
  • Best-Selling Minivans in Canada
    Minivans have a funny status among Canadians. You either love them or you hate them. Yet, after more than 30 years of family-friendly style, the minivan continues to be the vehicle of choice for many parents.
  • Top 10 Selling SUVs in Canada
    If you're in the market to buy a SUV or crossover, there's more to consider than just the sticker price: there's auto insurance and fuel efficiency too. See which SUVs are Canada's best-selling and how much you can expect to spend a year in gas.
  • Top 10 Trucks in Canada
    In 2018, the pickup trucks Canadians most often bought were mostly built Ford Tough. The Ford F-Series pickup truck is not only the best-selling truck in Canada, but it's the best-selling vehicle, period. See all the pickups that cracked the top 10 best-sellers list in Canada, plus how much they'll cost in gas each year.
  • Top 10 Cars in Canada
    The year 2018 was another good one for the Honda Civic; for the 21st year in a row, the Civic has come out on top as Canada's best-selling car. Since 1997, the Civic has been, hands down, Canada's favourite car. See what other cars are favoured by Canadians.
  • Ontario Seeks Input from Drivers on How to Lower Car Insurance Rates
    Ontario auto insurance rates are on the rise and the province wants to hear what you have to say about it through a new online survey.
  • Money Talks: All It Takes Is $150 to Motivate Most Canadians to Switch Insurers
    If you could save $150 on your premiums, would you be willing to switch insurance providers? According to a recent survey, most Canadians would. For many, however, the tipping point to switch is even lower.
  • Breaking Bad Habits for Good: Auto Renewing Your Car Insurance
    In the world of car insurance, the best time of year for drivers is renewal time. It's the time of year when you can easily switch auto insurance providers, for any reason. Yet many drivers allow their policy to auto renew, which may seem convenient at the time but can end up being a costly mistake.
  • Make 2019 the Year You Pay Less for Your Car Insurance
    It's that time of year again, to forget the mistakes of the past and look forward to a new year of opportunity. And, when it comes to your car insurance rates, there's a lot of opportunity to save.
  • Are You Up to the Challenge? It's Trivia Time!
    Who doesn't like a little trivia? Given there's a day dedicated to it each year, January 4, there are obviously trivia enthusiasts everywhere, including here at We're also keen on all things insurance and we've pulled together 10 questions that we're confident will answer the question: Are you up to the challenge?
  • Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles in Canada
    This year's list of the most stolen cars in Canada is out. The list, published annually by the IBC, reveals the most stolen cars in Canada. Is your car a favourite target of thieves?
  • Accidentally Speaking: Take the Road Test
    When are you more likely to be in a collision, during the morning or evening rush hour? In December, February or August? Take the (Road) Test to find out.
  • Ontario's Distracted Driving Penalties Are about to Become a Whole Lot Tougher
    Ontario ups the ante on distracted driving as of January 1, 2019. Increased fines, escalating demerit points and driver's licence suspensions are about to become the new reality in the province.
  • Brace Yourself for Parking Lot Mayhem
    As throngs of shoppers descend on the stores this Black Friday and beyond, two things are certain: the parking lots are going to be busier than usual and secondly, we can all use a refresher on how best to tackle this reality.
  • A Winter Car Safety Kit Checklist
    Slippery or snow-covered roads, reduced visibility and the cold: these are all conditions that can make winter driving difficult. They are also the conditions that can make getting stuck in the snow or a car breakdown treacherous if unprepared. But, with an emergency kit for your car, you could find yourself back on the road quicker if you run into problems.
  • One in Four Canadians Admit to Driving Without Their Glasses
    The vast majority of Canadians require vision correction, about 74 per cent, yet many drivers take an unnecessary risk when they get behind the wheel. A recent study found that one in four Canadians who have corrective lenses admitted to driving at least twice in the last year without wearing their glasses or contacts.
  • Are You Ready for the Challenges That Come with Driving in the Dark?
    The vast majority of Canadians require vision correction, about 74 per cent, yet many drivers take an unnecessary risk when they get behind the wheel. A recent study found that one in four Canadians who have corrective lenses admitted to driving at least twice in the last year without wearing their glasses or contacts.
  • The Most and Least Reliable Cars on the Road
    Not sure which dealership to head to first when looking to buy a new car? With so many car brands to choose from it can be difficult to decide. However, a recent ranking of the most and least reliable car brands by Consumer Reports might help.
  • 13 Halloween Safety Tips at Home and in the Car
    As much as children love to go trick-or-treating and the resulting stash of candy, Halloween can be ghoulish if precautions by homeowners and drivers aren't taken. We here at have scared up 13 Halloween safety tips for around the home and in the car that will help ensure your night doesn't end up giving you a fright.
  • The Reality of Cannabis-Impaired Drivers in Canada
    It's usually alcohol we think of when the topic of impaired driving comes up, but with the legalization of cannabis, drug-impaired driving is a focus now too. It's a discussion, however, that likely should have started years ago.
  • Oh, Deer! What Happens If You Hit Wildlife While Driving?
    Would you know what to do if you hit a deer, moose or other wild animal-big or small? Road kill is a grisly, but common sight especially at this time of year. So if you hit a deer, do you know whether or not you would be covered for this type of collision?
  • A Cornucopia of Tips to Help You Save Money
    From the credit card in your wallet to the travel insurance you'll need on your next trip to the home and auto insurance policies you have, you can harvest the savings this Thanksgiving season at
  • Celebrate Seniors Day by Saving Money on Car Insurance
    What are you doing for Seniors Day, this October 1? would like to invite you, or the drivers in your life who are over 65, to compare car insurance rates. It's an easy way to see if there are lower car insurance premiums available which can help you save money.
  • Older and Wiser: Safe Driving Tips for Seniors Behind the Wheel
    Seniors are living longer and healthier, and are on the move and on the road. As experienced as most older drivers are behind the wheel though, everyone-regardless of age-could use a few safe driving tips now and again.
  • How Likely are Canadians to Lay on the Horn When Traffic Issues Arise?
    A recent survey has found that 46 per cent of Canadians are horn happy. This is the number who said they were likely to use their vehicle's horn to voice their disapproval of any traffic-related issue. That leaves 54 per cent who said they're more likely to watch what's going on around them in silent displeasure. Which way do you lean?
  • Does Driving High Mean You're Driving Impaired?
    For the last several decades, any talk about impaired driving has mostly centred on drunk driving. Since the federal government first introduced the bill to legalize cannabis in the country, however, the conversation has turned to focus on drug-impaired driving as well.
  • Parking Lot Isolation: One in Three Drivers Avoid Parking Near Other Cars
    When you pull into the parking lot of your local grocery store, do you park as close to the entrance as possible or near the back of the parking lot where the parking spots are plenty? A recent survey highlights the precautions Canadian drivers are willing to take to protect their ride.
  • Back to School, Lesson #1: How to Save Money on Your Car Insurance
    As the school bell rings, and students (and parents) get back into the grind, there's no better time for a refresher course in getting the cheapest car insurance rate. It's back to school & savings season. Find out if you'll be getting an A+ this year.
  • Tips on Buying a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle
    Have you had it with the mostly ups, and the occasional downs of gas prices? Is a fuel-efficient car in your future? If so, this handy guide on how to choose a fuel-efficient vehicle will aid you in buying a car that will help you save at the pump.
  • Distracted Driving Laws in Canada
    Canada continues to crack down on distracted driving. All provinces and territories (aside from Nunavut) have some form of distracted driving-related legislation in place. And while the laws and penalties vary by province, the intent behind the legislation is the same: to encourage drivers to remain fully focused on the road while driving.
  • When It's More than Just a Shower: Storm Damage and Your Insurance
    Severe thunderstorms-damaging wind gusts, hail and torrential rain-seem to be increasingly common, and when they cause damage to your home or auto will you be covered?
  • Father's Day Savings Tips Start Here
    The kids will ensure that this Father's Day, June 17th, Dads everywhere are loaded up with thoughtful gifts, but don't overlook the gift you can give yourself: saving your hard-earned money.
  • What a PC Win in Ontario Could Mean to Your Auto Insurance
    Now that Doug Ford's PC party has won the election in Ontario, what could this mean to the premiums you pay for auto insurance? It's a topic that over the course of the campaign that both the Liberals and NDP touched on, but it's unclear what the PCs plan to do now that they're in power.
  • What Happens When a Cyclist Gets a Traffic Ticket?
    June is Bike Month in Ontario, and as more people put down their car keys and take to their bicycles, some cyclists may be surprised to learn that they can be ticketed for traffic offences, just like drivers, and face the same fines.
  • What's Really Going to Happen to Your Ontario Auto Insurance Rate?
    Car insurance rates in Ontario are trending upwards and some drivers are seeing increases of up to 20 per cent. What can you expect when it's time to renew?
  • Make Mom Proud: Save on Your Car Insurance
    Mothers everywhere can appreciate saving money, but perhaps more importantly moms know that overpaying for anything is just wasteful. Make mom proud this Mother's Day and see if you can spend less on your car insurance.
  • Top 10 Electric Vehicles That Will Give You a Charge
    Gone are the days when you only had one or two options to choose from if you were in the market for a plug-in electric vehicle. Now there are about 40 models available and we've identified the 10 most popular with drivers at
  • Accident Prone: When Car Accidents Happen
    True or false: You're more likely to be involved in a car accident in the winter when roads are slick and driving tricky?
  • Auto Insurance Rates Expected to Increase in the Coming Year
    Brace yourself. Auto insurance rates are expected to increase this year, Canada-wide, and this is bad news for Ontario drivers who already pay more for coverage, on average, than any other province.
  • Which Cars Hold Their Value the Best?
    Everyone has heard that the minute you drive off the dealer's lot with your brand new vehicle, it's worth a lot less than what you just paid for it. By the end of the first year, your vehicle will likely have depreciated in value somewhere in the neighbourhood of 20 to 30 per cent. See which vehicles hold their value the best according to
  • Ready to Plug-In for Lower Insurance Premiums?
    From auto insurance to life insurance and everything in between, would you be willing to share additional information with your insurance provider if it could help you lower your insurance premiums? The type of information, for example, that is gleaned from technology that you may already be using, like Fitbit, OnStar, Google Assistant, or Siri?
  • The Cost of Car Insurance in Quebec's Largest Cities
    Like any big city, there are three realities Montreal drivers must face on a regular basis: traffic, road repairs and construction, and the high cost of auto insurance. On this latter point, drivers in Montreal pay the highest premiums in the province.
  • Buying a Car? Eight Ways to Ensure You're Happy with Your Purchase
    There is no better feeling than getting behind the wheel of a car that you love; a car that you enjoy spending time in. That's why, when it's time to buy a new car (or at least one that's new to you), it's important to do a little research. It will be time well spent, because the research you do today can go a long way in ensuring you'll enjoy your new vehicle for years to come.
  • GMC, Infiniti and Jeep Drivers Are Some of the Worst Drivers on the Road
    Drivers beware of those behind the wheel of a GMC. Drivers of this particular brand of vehicle are more likely to have a less than stellar driving record.
  • Amped up for Battery Electric Vehicles: 10 Cars That Will Spark Your Interest
    Battery electric vehicles (BEVs), especially the Tesla Model S, are sparking the interest of Canadian drivers. More than one in three drivers (36 per cent) who requested auto insurance quotes at for a BEV got quotes for the Tesla Model S, followed by the Nissan Leaf (17 per cent). See how the rest ranked.
  • Canada Is a Nation of Honda Drivers
    When you take to the road, is your vehicle of choice a Honda or a Toyota? Chances are it is, as these two car brands consistently come out on top of the 10 most popular car manufacturers quoted for auto insurance online through
  • The Worst Roads in Ontario
    CAA's annual list of the worst roads in Ontario is out. Do you regularly travel on a road that made the list?
  • Filming Your Ride: Does a Dash Cam Help with Your Auto Insurance?
    Whether it's a cyclist cutting across Canada's busiest highway, a collision, or an attempted insurance scam, vehicles equipped with a dash cam have recorded some unbelievable footage out on the road. But does having a dash cam affect your auto insurance at all?
  • #KanetixLovesTrees Has Taken Root by Planting 1,250 Trees
    #KanetixLovesTrees, and thanks to the best customers ever, we reached our goal to plant 1,250 trees! So while you saved some green, we planted some green to help minimize the impact driving has on the environment.
  • You Got a Traffic Ticket for What?
    Everyone knows all the main traffic violations that could affect your auto insurance premiums, like failing to signal, running a stop sign, speeding, or making an improper turn. But, there are plenty of lesser-known instances where a driver may not realize that what they are doing may run afoul of the rules of the road.
  • Five Bad Driving Habits That Could Cost You
    How we choose to behave while driving could have serious consequences, perhaps a ticket or worse, an accident. Avoid the following five bad driving habits and not only will you be a safer driver, but you'll also help keep your insurance premiums in check.
  • New at Aviva Canada's Maple Leafs and Raptors Auto Insurance
    Do you bleed blue for your Maple Leafs? Is your DNA part-Raptor? Aviva Canada has teamed up with the Leafs and Raptors to provide a team branded and fan-focused home and auto insurance program.
  • #KanetixLovesTrees: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Save on Car Insurance
    With Earth Day just around the corner, has pledged to help drivers reduce their carbon footprint. Every time you compare car insurance quotes and call us to secure your rate a donation will be made to Tree Canada, a not-for-profit charitable organization. The donation for each call will equal the money needed to plant and maintain a tree.
  • Winning Wheels: AJAC's Canadian Car of the Year and Utility Vehicle
    The Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC), have named their pick for this year's Canadian Car of the Year and Canadian Utility Vehicle of the Year. See which vehicles came out on top.
  • Top 10 Selling Sports Cars in Canada
    As the most-liked vehicle on Facebook, with more than 8 million people giving it the thumbs up, the Ford Mustang also happens to be Canada's best-selling sports car. On the roads since 1964, the Ford Mustang holds a special place in the heart and mind of many drivers; it's an iconic muscle car. See which other sports cars top the list.
  • How Ready Are Canadians for Driverless Cars?
    It may sound like the stuff from a science fiction novel, but self-driving cars may well soon be a reality. In fact, many of today's new cars already have features that came about as a result of the drive to develop autonomous vehicles. As the reality of driverless cars on our roads accelerates, has released new survey findings of Canadians' attitudes on the (not so) futuristic vehicles.
  • A 15 Per Cent "Brake" on Your Auto Insurance
    Thanks to technology, today's cars are safer than ever before and the list of safety features now available is extensive, but, one safety feature in particular has caught the attention of Aviva Canada: Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB). Aviva now offers a 15 per cent auto insurance discount for drivers of vehicles that have AEB.
  • Winter Tires in Quebec: It's the Law
    The Quebec winter tire law requires Quebec drivers to equip their vehicles with winter tires by December 15th of each year and keep them on the car until March 15th. If you don't install four winter tires and get caught the fines are hefty, ranging from $200 to $300. Learn more about the Quebec winter tire law, who it affects and how to spot a winter tire.
  • Not Wearing Your Seatbelt Can Increase Your Car Insurance by How Much?
    OPP kick off annual fall seatbelt compliance campaign. Do you buckle up? It's estimated that 95 per cent of us do, but, police across Canada still consider not wearing a seatbelt one of the "Big Four Killers" along with aggressive driving, driving while impaired, and distracted driving. How can it still be considered one of the Big Four if 95 per cent of us buckle up? Because, in collisions where there's a fatality, about one-third were not strapped in.
  • Moving? Where You Live Affects How Much You Pay in Insurance
    Chances are when you are looking to move, whether it is because you're planning on buying a new home or moving to a new apartment, the last thing you think about is how it will affect your car insurance premiums. And, who can blame you? But the fact is that when you move, your auto insurance premiums will likely change; for the lucky, it might mean paying less for car insurance, for others, it might mean paying more.
  • Auto Insurance Tips for When Your Kids Head off to College
    Whether your child stays at home or goes to school out of town, fees and tuition can be expensive. But there are ways to save money - particularly on your car insurance premiums if your child is listed as an active driver on your policy.
  • Tickets Fall in Autumn: Drivers Get Fewer Tickets During the Fall
    Compared to the rest of the seasons, drivers appear to be on their best behaviour after the dog days of summer are over. Drivers say they get fewer traffic tickets during the fall months-October, November, and December-than any other time of the year. See which seasons are best, and worst, for getting tickets.
  • Falling for Fewer Collisions: Fewer Accidents Occur in the Fall Season
    Compared to the rest of the seasons, accidents appear to be less likely to happen when the leaves are changing colour. See which seasons are best, and worst, on the roads for collisions according drivers getting car insurance quotes at
  • On the Road with Car Rental Insurance
    With the days getting hotter, and vacation days to use, many of us are thinking of taking a road trip, driving up to the cottage, or making a few trips to the beach over the summer. If you're renting a car, before you leave home, make sure you know you'll be covered.
  • New Survey Shows 98% of Canadians Are Polite Drivers... Or So They Think
    Canadians are rumoured to be extremely polite. We hold doors open for each other, we always say thank you, and we never have road rage... or at least that's what we seem to think. A recent survey found that most Canadians think highly of their driving etiquette, but further survey results show they may be overstating their own level of politeness.
  • How to Handle the Moments After a Car Accident
    The moments after a car accident can be challenging, even if it was a minor collision and no one was injured. What should you do? Who should you call? How will damages be resolved? Follow these tips to ensure the process goes smoothly.
  • How to Get Car Insurance in a New Province
    When it's time to move, there's a lot to do! This is especially true when you're moving to a new province. For those that drive, car insurance is essential no matter where you live in Canada. It's important that you change your car insurance when you move to another province. The good news is that it's not as difficult as you might think. Here are some simple tips you can follow to make finding insurance in a new province easy.
  • Save Money with a Letter of Experience
    Knowing what insurance companies look at is important when you're shopping for new auto insurance. There's a lot that goes into calculating your insurance rate, like your insurance history. But what happens, if for some reason, your insurance history is not easily available, or there are discrepancies on your insurance history? You may be asked to provide a Letter of Experience.
  • More Than Half of Ontario Drivers Automatically Renew Their Policies
    When it comes time to renew your auto insurance policy, do you shop around? If you could get a better deal and pay less for auto insurance, would you? Many don't when it comes to car insurance in Ontario.
  • Ontario Car Insurance Changes Are Here. What You Need to Know
    Every now and again, the provincial government makes changes to the auto insurance system. Back in January, for example, all Ontario car insurance companies had to offer a winter tire discount to drivers who change their tires seasonally. As of June 1, 2016, there are are more changes you should know about that may affect your coverage.
  • The Most Environmentally Friendly Canadian Cars
    The Canadian Green Car Awards recognize vehicles with the greatest potential to minimize the overall impact of automobiles on the environment. Six have been identified as the greenest on the roads. See which cars won.
  • The Sharing Economy Grows with Turo's Entrance into Canada
    Owning a car is expensive. There's the initial cost of the purchase, upkeep, maintenance, gas, auto insurance, and parking to name just a few car-related expenses. But now that Turo is available in Canada, car owners in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec may be able to offset those costs by renting their cars out to drivers who are in need of a vehicle.
  • The First Stop on the Road to Going Driverless: The Driver-Assisted Vehicle
    We may be years or even decades away from fully driverless cars, but in the meantime, we are in the age of semi-autonomous, driver-assisted vehicles - cars equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that enhance vehicles for safety and better driving. Take a look at our guide to the different levels of automated cars and ADAS options available to you.
  • Tips to Avoid Collisions with Pedestrians and Cyclists
    Limited daylight, snow and ice, mixed together with some dirty road slush makes for an interesting commute whether you're driving, cycling or walking. We know most road users are cautious in messy weather, but here are some tips for taking extra caution on the road to avoid a collision.
  • Fall Back: End of Daylight Saving Time, Home and Auto Safety Checklist
    The weekend most Canadians fall back one hour is also the ideal time to tackle seasonal safety projects. A lot of the routine maintenance on your home and car should be done twice a year, so what better time to start checking items off your "to-do" list?

  • 12 Long Weekend Driving Tips
    As we prepare to close the book on another summer, scores of Canadians will be looking to write one last chapter and will be taking to the road to make the most out of the last long weekend of the season. Twelve long weekend driving tips to help you get to where you want to go safely, and free of tickets and collisions.

  • Seasons Change and So Does Your Car Insurance
    A change in season is the ideal reminder to take a few quick minutes to see if you're still getting the best car insurance rate out there. And now that spring has officially sprung, it's time to see if you could spring into some savings on your car insurance.

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