Brace Yourself for Parking Lot MayhemDeal hunters expected to descend on the malls en masse on Black Friday.

The days of having to cross-border shop to take advantage of Black Friday deals are no more. Over the last decade, Black Friday sales in Canada have grown exponentially to the point they're now more popular with Canadian shoppers than Boxing Day sales.

According to the Retail Council of Canada's holiday shopping survey, 40 per cent of Canadians plan to shop on Black Friday this year, while just 35 per cent plan to take in Boxing Day deals.

The survey also found that many of these shoppers' purchases will be made in-store rather than online. Of those who plan to seek out holiday sales, 50 per cent plan to hit up the stores on Black Friday whereas 62 per cent of Boxing Day shoppers expect they'll be browsing the aisles.

But where will everyone park?

As throngs of shoppers descend on the stores this Black Friday and beyond, two things are certain: the parking lots are going to be busier than usual and secondly, we can all use a refresher on how best to tackle this reality.

1. Give yourself extra time to find parking

It's unlikely you'll find a parking spot quickly, so it's best to go in with the mindset that it will take you longer than normal. If nothing else, this outlook will minimize your frustration and help preserve your holiday cheer.

2. Don't speed around the parking lot

A parking lot is one of those rare instances where you'll see pedestrians and vehicles forced to share the same space. Take it slow and keep a watchful eye for pedestrians at all times.

3. Go with the flow

Do not drive in the opposite direction if it's a one-way lane or crisscross lanes to take a shortcut. Follow the signage and go with the flow to minimize the risk of a parking lot accident.

4. Signal your intentions

When circling the parking lot, use your turn signals so that others know what you plan to do next. Whether it's a pedestrian or another vehicle, don't leave them guessing.

5. Resist the urge to wait

Waiting for someone to get to their car, unload their parcels, return the shopping cart and ready themselves to leave causes an unnecessary traffic jam. Unless a fellow shopper is in their car ready to leave, don't wait around for the spot to open up.

6. Park within the lines

Take your time to park correctly. Centre your vehicle within the parking spot and don't take up more than one space. And, unless you have a parking permit that allows it, leave the accessible parking spots for those who need it.

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